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Powerful healing spells and magic?

Powerful healing spells“Do Magic Spells Really Work?” – this is a question I receive from interested students daily.

My short answer is, “Yes”. The long answer begins now… 🙂

Magic spells do not work the way most people “think” or “wish” they worked.

For example, you won’t cast a love spell and have the guy of your dreams knocking at your door a few hours later.

Magic is not a “magic pill” that will instantly solve all your problems, and attract all your desires instantly.

That being said… Magic does work, and it can change your life. Here’s how…

First understand that Magic is a way to “engage” the power of your mind, spirit, soul, and subconscious. When you do it correctly, not only does it invoke the power of positive thinking in your mind… but it creates a subconscious drive to achieve what you want. Yes…there are mystical forces at work in the universe that can help the spell get the result you want… but even more powerful is what happens inside of you.

To do this…to cast a successful spell requires just 5 things. That’s it. 5. If you “get these right” there’s no end to what you can accomplish with Magic.

Thing #1: Emotional Attachment

It is important to allow yourself to feel full emotion for the desire you’re trying to attract. The more emotion you feel and build into the spell, the better your results. Do whatever you have to do in order to evoke your strongest emotions.

Thing #2: Belief

You must believe in Magic with all your heart… even more you must believe that the spell you are going to cast will help you achieve the results you desire.

Thing #3: Focus

You must remain focused on only the single desire at hand. I never recommend trying to cast a spell to satisfy more than 1 desire at a time. You must focus on 1 thing, and 1 thing only during your spell.

Thing #4: Mundane Effort

Once you cast a spell, don’t sit around “waiting” for it to bring results. You must start taking real action on your own that will bring you closer to the goal or desire. If you cast a love spell, for example, get out of the house…make an effort to smile and engage people. Give the spell a chance to work!

Thing #5: Let It Go

Don’t obsess on “when” the spell will bring results… or how quickly things will start to change. It’s best for you to simply forget about the spell, and move on with your life in a positive way. If you continue to think, think, think, you’ll hold back some of the energy from the spell.

Follow these 5 Magic Keys every time you cast a spell and I know you’ll find success. 🙂

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