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Bring back my ExNow I get a lot of spell requests, but the one single spell most requested above all is “What spell do I use to bring back my Ex?” I’ve always been dubious about this but there is a way to make these spells to get back those who have told you they don’t love you anymore (!) actually work – and also, why they generally fail if you don’t know this.

So here it goes. Magic power, which is what makes all spell works, is a form of energy.

You can call it mojo if you will. When someone breaks your heart, they break the very energy system at the centre that powers all your mojo – and you’ve lost your mojo.

Simples, as the meerkat would cay …

So now you’re heartbroken.

And in no fit state to make any magic work whatsoever because for working magic power you need the heart.

What is the answer?

Simples again – first, you heal your broken heart, and THEN you cast whatever spells you want to.

Now I reckon that often with the heart back in order sense will prevail and people will walk away from heartbreakers (would YOU break the heart of a person you loved?!) and find someone better, asap.

But should you decided that after all, you want that ex back, NOW you can do your magic and it’ll work.

Further, they might come crawling back anyway because with the heart in order, you’re radiant, beautiful, attractive and they’re sorry they ever left you in the first place.

Then you can choose to do what you want with them.

The power is yours.

That power comes from the heart.

Heal the heart, and the power’s yours.

Simple, effective, practical and powerful.

Heart Healing Spell/Meditation/Further Instructions here:

Do i need a love spell to bring back my Ex?

Maybe you’ve tried every strategy that you can think of to lure your ex boyfriend back into your arm

Maybe you’ve tried every strategy that you can think of to lure your ex boyfriend back into your arms and back into your life but it just doesn’t seem to be working. You have tried playing hard to get; you’ve tried obsessing over what he’s doing and calling every hour; you’ve showed up coincidentally at a location where you know he will be; you’ve “casually” inquired about his well being through your mutual friends; you’ve gotten angry; and you’ve gotten sad to the point that you call him up crying and begging him to come back.

Where has all this gotten you? Probably exhausted and still wondering if you will ever be able to get your ex boyfriend back.

What can you do differently, you may ask yourself. Well, before you seek out the big black book of love spells why not discover the magic key to winning the heart of your guy. You have been carrying this key with you all along but may not have even realized its power.

Before we open the door that will get your ex boyfriend running back into your arms, let’s discuss a few thoughts that you want to gain control of when you’re trying to recapture the heart of your lost love.

First – Stop blaming yourself. While it’s important to understand whatever you did in the relationship it’s equally important for you to forgive yourself for anything that you may or may not have done. “But, what if I cheated on him?” you may ask. Forgive yourself. We all make mistakes and all we can really do is acknowledge them, learn from them, and then move on.

Second – Believe that he still loves you. Not even a guy has the ability to turn off his love for a woman he really cared about. You may convince yourself that you cannot get your ex boyfriend back because he is already dating other women but that is just not true. If you allow this thought to control you then you may subconsciously erect some emotional barriers that will stop your ex from coming back. In trying to protect your heart, you may simply be locking it away in a vault that is just too hard to open – even by a man who still loves you.