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These kind of love spells are basically to make your to fully commit to you and looks no where else. Commitment Spells are for every who yearns for a partner who can commit to them and love them forever, this brings with it great peace of mind and also saves a relationship or marriage.Commitment Spells

When casting these kind of love spells your major aim is to ensure that your loved one never thinks of as an option or leave for another quick catch. Commitment love spells have a slight similarity with binding love spells but difference comes is when you want to get rid of your lover may be when you want a break up . For commitment love spells you can easily cast a bitter sweet love spell to easily break up with your lover but to break a binding love spell you need a great bit of experiences to break the bond that was tied between two individual.

Like binding love spells, commitment love spells boost the love feeling and spiritual connections between you and your lover. By use of strong powerful love spells plus a great deal of experience we draw upon the deities or spirits and the will of Mr universe to bring out the hidden love and trust from your lover, they have to set there eyes only on you and never to look further.

Commitment love spell for a new love

Commitment spells can be a great asset for new love. This is when you are protecting your relationship in advance and i always recommend this practice because some of the lover may come in to your life with temporary interests, but this kind of spell will enhance their feelings to look beyond their temporary interests and gain rare in-depth interest in you.

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about commitment love spells

Commitment Spells by powerful spell caster

Commitment spells for love  and marriages

A commitment love spell can also be used for a returned lover whom you want to stay permanently, having gone for a while means they can go any time so to prevent this likeliness we cast a commitment love spell for them to stay forever while 100% loyal and trust worthy


when cast unprofessionally, commitment love spells may go wrong and can result in getting an obsessed lover. A good commitment love spell gets commitment lover without manipulation.  Manipulation will go against the creed of most witches and the outcomes are not good for deeds.

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It isn’t a good idea to tell your target that you are wishing for them to become committed to you and that you are using magic to commit them to you.  This only results in an enemy instead of a committed partner.

One spell is a bit complex but achieves the goal nicely.  You get a string or thread from the target person’s clothing that is about nine inches long.  Get a string from your own clothing about the same length.  Buy a red candle of any kind and buy a tall red taper candle.  Get a drop of their own perfume or cologne and some dried rose petals.  Find a tablespoon of vanilla extract.  Wash in hot soapy water a piece of rose quartz.  Get an ounce of rum and 2 cups of fresh water (not tap water).  Get some salt and some incense (particularly musk or vanilla flavoring).  Find a potion bottle or glass vial.

Always focus on the target as you gather and handle the items.  This is sending energy out into the world that you want to commit to the person.  When you make the potion, you boil the fresh water and set the water down to just below boiling.  Add rose petals, saying, “Dancing on the wind I go, to aid (target’s name)’s love to flow.  His or her love will now fully bloom and his or her desire for me will come soon.”

Next add a pinch of salt to the water as you take it from the stove, saying “No one may interfere magically, this spell can only be undone by me.”  Add the rum and allow the mixture cool in a nice glass bottle with the quartz in the bottle.

Do the actual spell about fifteen minutes before sunrise on a Friday morning.  Complete the spell by the time you reach an hour beyond sunrise.   Make sure you check the weather report for the actual time of sunrise on that Friday morning.  Do the spell in a large, uncramped space.  Put everything on a table in the middle of the space and begin by casting a salt circle in a clockwise fashion.  Light the candle and face south, saying “Burning passion and desire, arise in (target’s name) like a burning fire.”  Anoint the candle with the scent from the target.  Tie a knot between the two strings and focus on the target.  Tie it on one end of the string.  Next tie a knot on the opposite ends of the string and a knot on the first end of the string adjacent to the first knot.  Repeat tying knots alternatively on each end of the string adjacent to other knots so you have tied five knots total.  Wrap the strings around the tapered candle you have anointed.

Light the incense and focus on the target person.  Pick up the red candle and have three drops of wax fall onto the potion bottle.  Dip the knotted string into the potion and infuse it with its essence.  Hold the potion bottle over the incense to infuse the smoke onto the bottle.  Do the same thing to smudge the cord.  Open the circle by walking clockwise around it and put everything back on the table.  Take the potion outside and infuse it with sunshine until the first hour of sunrise is up.  Store the potion safely and put a few drops of it on your forehead, each breast and on the genital area.  Keep the cord with you secretly at all times.  Put a few drops of potion into your food when you can (three drops is best).

This is one of the most powerful commitment spells available but there are other simpler commitment spells that will work to bring you to your love and to keep them there.