Divination Love Spells

Acorn Drop Love Divination
To foretell whether or not your lover will be true and eventually marry you.
If you’re not interested in marriage, or your lover isn’t marriage material
(but you’re still madly in love), just for determining whether or not you
will remain together as lovers.

You will need:
2 acorns
A bowl of water

Cast a magic circle
Go into alpha
Drop the 2 acorns into the bowl of water

Acorns floating next to each other means the relationship will flourish, acorns floating away from each other means that the relationship won’t flourish.

If the acorns separate, continue the spell to see how difficult it will be to save the relationship. Here’s how:

Shift your consciousness into the acorn that “strayed,” and when you’ve become one with it, physically move it over to the other one, that is guide it and direct it with your mind. If it doesn’t work, it means one of two things: either the relationship isn’t meant to be or that your magic power just isn’t powerful enough to move it.

Card Walk Love Divination
To tell if someone currently in your life is destined
to become a lover, or whether a new love is soon to arrive.

You will need:
A wand
A Tarot deck
A small mirror
A magic wand
Incense (a mixture ruled by Venus) Click here for ideas.
A book of love poems or your book of shadows
A string of pearls – for a woman spell caster
A metal medallion on a leather cord – for a male spell caster

Place the mirror on your altar so you can see your face when you sit before it. Place the incense burner in front of the mirror, and open the book to a random page. Visualize black clouds flashing with lightning – not ominous, but friendly, the dragon’s breath protecting you and the Other world. Shuffle the deck.

For a Woman – Visualize a unicorn galloping from the clouds and sitting next to you, affectionately. In Western folklore, unicorns had a special affinity for young inexperienced maidens and protected their pure, chaste energy.

For a Male – Visualize a white stag leaping from the clouds. In olden lore, a stag often showed a hunter the path to his beloved. Another tradition relates that the hunter who killed the white stag would present the magnificent head to the woman of his dreams, thus honoring her as the fairest lady of the court.

Open your eyes and light the incense. Look at your face in the mirror through the smoke. Hold the pearls or the medallion in the smoke and bless them. They represent the power of the Goddess and the God. Then, place them around your neck. Shuffle the Tarot cards, hold the deck in your hands, and say,

“As black clouds swirl and silver flashes,
With mirror, wand, smoke, and pearls/cord,
Open book and card walk here.”

Lay down the cards and touch them with the wand.

“Tell me if love is near!”

Draw 3 cards, lay them from left to right. Read them to see if someone in your life is a lover for you.

Draw 3 more cards and, again, lay them from left to right. Read them to see if a lover is soon to enter your life.

Moon glow Love Divination
To see if someone who is resisting your advances is worth going after.

Write the following on a piece of paper in brown, green or pink ink:

“In a forest near the sea
Stands a tall and steady tree.
I smile at the moon
ON bended knee (kneel down)
To learn of love between him/her and me.”

Say to the moon:

“Gleaming, glowing,
Beaming down.
My heart unsure,
I wear a frown.
Silver for hate,
Golden for love,
Show a circle
Up above.”

On a night when the moon is full, go outside, or stand by a window where you can bathe in the moonlight, and recite this spell. As you say the first verse, visualize an apple grove in Avalon, and a land sacred to Witches. When you’ve finished the spell, look up at the moon for an omen. (Note: The love-hate polarity = yes and no, respectively; hate doesn’t mean the person literally hates you.)

Silver ring or glow around the moon = no.
Golden ring or glow around the moon = yes.

Seed Gathering Love Divination
To see whether or not your relationship is on “rocky ground.”

Take a handful of tiny seeds (mustard, linseed, hemp, etc.) to your boyfriend’s home and pile them in a conspicuous place (but not too obvious), such as under a table or beside an easy chair, a place where he’s sure to discover it. If it doesn’t look as if he’s going to find them while you’re still there, call it to his attention as if you’ve just found them. Show some interest in the seeds and get him talking about why or how they could have appeared out of nowhere so mysteriously. Where did the come from? What could they mean?

Then, watch to see what he suggests doing with the seeds. If he sweeps them up and suggests keeping them to study, or figure out what kind they are, your relationship is sound. If he sweeps them up and throws them away, the relationship is on rocky ground, and you’ll have to work hard to strengthen it.

Spinning Basket Love Divination
Gives you a reading on three important aspects of a relationship: fears, sorrows, and how long it will last.

You will need:
3 baskets of different sizes
3 candles (one each of brown, green and pink)
1 bell
1 cord
Love Oil or Venus OilHang each basket from a cord over a doorway or on a porch. Anoint the candles with the oil. Light the candles and sit in front of them and the hanging baskets. Set the baskets to spinning then, say,

“Candles and wicks,
Wicce and bell (ring bell 3 times)
Soon will cause
A fool to tell.
Baskets hanging
Large to small
Making shadows on the wall.
The first to stop: the amount of fears.
The second tells: the size of my tears.
The third: how long this love in years.”

Note the order in which the baskets stop spinning. Then, interpret this order to determine the “fears, tears and years” inherent in your relationship.

Medium-sized basket = average
Large-sized basket = more than average
Small-sized basket = less than average

Take the message to heart, and tread wisely in your pursuit of this person or back off altogether.