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Fast revenge spellsFast revenge spells are justice spells that will help you if want to take revenge on someone without them knowing who it was, or without being caught. That is what fast revenge spells are for.
Basically these spells are modified versions of Bad Luck Spells which are focused on one specific person. They carry all the consequences of bad luck spells as well, meaning when cast wrongly they will curse you for quite some time.

Fast revenge spells  that will help you get results instantly in the matters below

• Break up a Couple
• Bring Bad Luck to enemies
• Bring Enemy To Justice Chant
• Building Ablaze
• Burn That God Forsaken Place
• Cat Curse
• Cat transformation
• Change someone’s hair

Fast revenge spells   for Destruction

Choose this spell to punish someone until you or someone else is avenged.

• Banish An Enemy
• Bind an Enemy
• Black Death Revenge Spell
• Bloody Mary’s Death Spell
• Bones of Anger Hex
• Break a Hex
• Bring Nightmares
• Burn in hell spell
• Car Revenge
• Cat Ear Curse
• Cause Divorce or Breakup
• Chant of Death
• Condom Curse
• Contaminate Water

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