Forget me not Love spell

Forget Me Not Spell

Forget Me Not Spell

Items You Will Need:

A sewing needle

One (or more) of your hairs

A garment your lover wears often

Best Time To Cast:

During the Waxing Moon

When the Sun or Moon is in Taurus or Libra

On Fridays

The Spell:

1.  Thread your hair through the needle’s eye.

2.  Carefully sew your hair into your beloved’s garment, and with each stitch, repeat the following:

“Forget me not, for I am near
Every day of every year.
My love abides within this hair
Carry it with you everywhere.”

3.  Stitch as many hairs into as many garments as you wish. When you’ve finished, return your lover’s clothing to him/her.

Flowers are alive, this enables a witch to create a living spell that will grant your wishes, in the case of my Forget-Me-Not Lover Spell it will ensure your lover calls you.

I will need your name and date of birth and photo, plus if possible the same details on anyone else involved in your spell. If you cannot supply all of this information whatever you can will be fine.