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Free Love Spells that work

The most searched spells are love spells. They work to help you solve a love problems and many spells can help you solve more than one love problem at a time. The combo love spells are more powerful than a single spell.

I would say that around 50% who visit my site, comes for love spells. Some are looking for voodoo love spells that work and other for wicca love spells and some for black magic spells or white magick love spells.

The top of interest (the free love spells in the directory of are the following:

Spell to Bring Someone Closer

  • Make Him Love You
  • Using Magic for Love

In this day and age, it may seem strange to turn to magic as a cure for love woes, but it is a viable option. Use of magic goes back hundreds of years, although it is no longer taken seriously by the unknowing masses. When it comes to problems in one’s love life, there are two options from which to choose for a magical solution: black magic and white magic, as explained below.

Black Magic Love Spells

If one is interested in a black magic solution to love problems, they know that many practitioners will not perform such spells because the nature of black magic is that it forces a result, often taking away human free will. However, there is no denying that black magic spells are indeed more powerful and potent as they control a situation directly. They can make someone fall in love, break up a relationship, cause an ex-lover to return, and stop divorce.

Black magic spells are very complex and advanced and as such, should always be performed by someone who is experienced, knowledgeable, and reputable. Sometimes they are confused with voodoo love spells ! They are much harder to cast than white magic spells due to the element of control that is involved. Additionally, free will is one of the strongest forces in nature and much care should be taken when dealing with such power; in other words, the client must be absolutely certain of what they want, because once the black magic love spell is cast, there is no undoing it – such is the nature of black magic.

The biggest advantage black magic has over white magic is that it offers the option of negative spells. For example, if a client wants to break up a couple, or cause tension and enmity between two people, then that is a negative spell. Because these types of spells require direct manipulation, white magic cannot offer these same services, they can only provide positive love spells.
White Magic Love Spells

For many, white magic love spells are preferable because they do not force an outcome on an unsuspecting person and because they seem more romantic. White magic practitioners do not control a situation; they guide and aid a situation to a more beneficial outcome. Because of this, white magic love spells take many different forms and achieve a variety of results, depending on the needs of the client. For example:
A love spell may increase the emotions and magnetism already present between two people and forge a stronger spiritual link. This is something that would likely happen in due time, the spell only speeds up the process. An individual can also cast (or ask for a spell to be cast on their behalf) that opens up the heart to the prospect of love to make that individual more receptive and aware so that they will not only be ready when love comes their way, but be able to recognize the right person when they encounter him or her.

White magic can be used to attract a new love or steer a friendship in a more romantic direction. Spells can also cause the object of one’s affection to have their eyes opened to see that the caster has a true and honest love for them.

One of the more indirect options is a spell that will fill the mind of the target with thoughts of the caster, literally making it so that they can’t stop thinking about them.

Magic is a powerful force that can solve many of life’s problems, like those associated with love. Always be sure of what you truly desire and always consult a professional.