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7 Love Amulets & How To Create Them

We all like to find someone to love. Girls want boys, boys want girls etc. Psychics and witches are often asked about relationship and love issues, and providing people with supernatural means of attracting love is pretty popular. For everyone who would like to learn some magic, here’s something about love amulets.

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How to Create Love Amulets

First you need sacred space. If you can’t create whole room, you can use a desk or any other table. Make sure to clean it, so you won’t get distracted. Use candles and incenses to create proper mood.

Then you need to take a material of some sort, it might be piece of paper, stone, wood or anything else you like. Your talisman will be place on it. I prefer wood, because it’s natural resource, and it’s soft enough to engrave most symbols.

Using any tool you want like pencil or knife, draw or engrave the symbol you like. Remember – you should use the talisman or amulet that you like, otherwise it might not work well enough.

7 Love Amulets

And here are the talismans you might want to create. Choose one, mixing different amulets and talismans at the same time might not be the best idea.

Love Amulet

Classic Love Talisman, it includes names of four evangelists: Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. For years it was used to attract love.

Feelings Talisman

Another love talisman from Medieval Ages – it symbolize the band which covered knight’s sword. The band was owned by the beloved Lady, and therefore, the symbol was used to keep the relationship and love feelings strong at all time. Put your initials into the talisman, replace J and K letters with them.

Love Talisman

One of the most popular love amulets, meant to help attract the lover. On reverse side, you should write down “Jeora de Nona” words.

Sheva Love Talisman

Sheva was Magical Mother of Love. It’s another love amulet you can try.

Pentakl of the Queen

This symbol was used in divination as coin, but it can be also used as classic love talisman – it should not be carried with you, rather you should plant it in your lover’s pocket.

Egyptian Love Amulet

This love amulet protects you from betrayal, cheating and breaking hearth.

Palestinian Love Amulet

Popular Palestinian Love Amulet, it’s meant mainly for females.

After drawing the talisman or engraving it, be sure to charge it with elemental energies, as described in article about creation of .

Now you know some love amulets and love talismans. Have you ever used such objects to attract love? What’s your opinion on use of love amulets?