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The two things that you always told me, patients and faith! Though I started this process with neither you have thought me both. Firstly that Divinity, as you call it, will reward those who are patient. Even if that means that you have to wait just a little longer that you would want. For those who are reading this let me give you some insight on my case. I, of course, will not divulge my name as I would never want my wife to see this. My situation starts out about 3 years ago when my wife was cheating on me with another man. Not just any man, but her coworker a long time friend from school. He had been in a relationship with her prior to me being with her and this made for some rather awkward moments when I would go to her work on the occasion to bring flowers or pick her up and run into the two of them together. Kinda like there was a pink elephant in the room and no one would mention it. I never really suspected anything as I was sure that I could trust her and that she was faithful to me. Basically I had NO reason to mistrust her at that point, so I did like any other person would and ignored it. This went on for quite some time until one day I got curious and looked through her phone. Thinking back, I probably shouldn’t have done that because it shows mistrust on my part, but I had to find out. While I was looking through the text that she had I noticed that she was texting this guy constantly all day and even when she was at home with me! I could not believe it. I saw in there where she was making plans to meet him when she would go out with her friends or even miss work to go on dates with him. I was floored! My sight was blurred as I really could not believe what I was reading. Was this really my wife’s phone? Did I really see what I thought I had saw? My heart was broken, the trust I had given her was broken. I am such a trusting individual that I trust people until I have a reason not to. This means that you could do what ever you want when you are in a relationship with me and I wouldn’t suspect a thing until it was so blatant that I couldn’t ignore it. I was and am truly in love with her and with that comes trust. They kind of work hand and hand. Getting back to what happened. After reading these things I put her phone back and didn’t say a word to her. I wanted to see if I could get her to tell me herself by beating around the bush. I tried several times to get her to admit it and move on, but she just would not tell me the trust. I couldn’t help it at that point I had to go out for a while and I’m man enough to admit it I cried because my heart was broken. I would have forgiven her at that point and put it all behind us and looked forward to a new day she just would not let that happen. So a few days later I bought from one of the stores here a little tracking device to put on her car so I could see where she was going. This way I would have the proof I needed to confront her. She is terribly stubborn and would not admit it unless I just dropped proof in her lap and said to her ” try to deny it now “. I left the tracking device on her car for a couple of months before having all the information that I needed. Then while she was away I downloaded all the information and saw that she had been going to see this guy after work, during the afternoon and on the weekends when she was suppose to be with her sister or friends. I had the proof I needed at this point. It was just really hard to face the reality of the situation so I consulted my best friend and asked him what he thought about what was going on. He told me that he had used spell casters in the past and told me of a physic I could use. I went to this physic and told her of my situation, what a waste of time and money. I paid her four hundred dollars, then seven hundred dollars, then she asked for nineteen hundred dollars saying the energies were negative around her. When she asked for this amount of money I could not afford it. Again, my wife still cheating on me and no help at all. Being broke I decided to take matters into my own hand and sit down with her and discuss things. That night we put the kids to bed and went into the bedroom and I began talking to her about what was going on. She started out denying everything saying how could I mistrust her like that and so forth. I pulled up the information that I had about where she had been with the times and dates and also where I had wrote down what she told me she was doing at that time. Without another word she packed up her stuff in a fit of rage and left to her mothers house. I tried to talk to her telling her that things can be resolved but she would not hear what I was telling her. She was blaming me for mistrusting her. I tried calling her many many times over the course of the next two months but she would not answer at all. Once I finally got through to her she said that she needed the time to think about the marriage and if she want to continue it. We talked for over four hours that night and decided that we should try to work on the relationship at least for the kids sake. She was to stay at her mothers and come over after work and spend time with us. I believe it went like this for the next seven months. She was just happy coming over three or four times a week and not really interested in moving forward with the marriage. I then decided to try spell casting again! This time I was going to make sure and get the right person for the job. I looked at many many different people locally and even online. I tried 6 different ones over the course of the next year and a half. Everyone one promising me the world, but no one was even able to budge her. In fact my situation got worse! She stopped coming over and would just called with excuses why she could not make it. I started getting desperate and I even went to a catholic priest to talk to him. Nothing was helping the relationship. I figured that I was having to move on with my life at this point, broken hearted and what had happened until I ran across your site Prof Ali Khim. I watched his site for a long time before I ever contacted him, reading ALL the information that he has on it. A couple months back I called him and talked with him. Surprisingly I got HIM on the phone and not some answering machine or voice mail system or some counselor that would not be casting my spell. After speaking with him I decided to use the extreme necromancy spell. Once he started the casting I noticed that she started to come back around again and things started to look up for me. I called him almost every day telling him of the things that were going on. There again he assured me that patients would get her back. I knew going into this that my situation had taken three years to get where it was and that it was not going to be an overnight fix, so I waited and saw things take place. After only three weeks we were talking about our relationship and the kids and how we should be together. All the feelings of love overwhelmed me again. We started going out on dates and even more recently two weeks ago we talked about her moving back in with me and the kids. You can not believe the progress that has been made just since the last two weeks. She has moved back in, being a part of our lives, and even coming home early to spend time with us! Miracle! That’s all I can say about it. Right now we are planning on going on a second honey moon in a couple of months. We are also planning on renewing our voles again though I’m not sure when that will be just yet. I will let you know as soon as we get a date set. As I can see it Divinity has changed my situation and your a God send for helping those of us out here that don’t have the ability! Thank you sooooo much for all your help and I will continue to work on my negative releasing and praying each night. Thanks be to you and Divinity my life has turned back around into the loving relationship I know it could be. I also want to mention that my kids are happier than they have been in a couple of years as well. let me know if there is ANYTHING else I can do to repay you!