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Cast this spell at midnight after you and your lover have argued so badly
that things seem to be at an end.
You will need:
Two silver pins
A red candle
Any red crystal
Some red flowers
A red altar cloth
Spread the cloth on your altar. Put the candle in the middle and arrange
the flowers and crystal around it. Once the opening rituals have been
completed, pierce the candle with the two silver pins, one higher than the
other, and light it. Focus your thoughts on your lover and when the
flame reaches the first pin say aloud:
To the Spirit of Love I now attend,
Don’t let our love come to an end.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.
Repeat this until the flame reaches the second pin, then say:
May ***** and I be one again,
By the warmth of this candle flame.
And let it be done, that it harm no one.
When the candle burns out bring the ritual to an end. And now for the
hard part. Even if you feel you were blameless in the break-up, swallow
your pride and make that telephone call. Your humility will be well

Spells to Get Rid of Jealousy
October 30, 2015LoveFree
Here are 2 spells to get rid of jealousy from my friends spell book. There is one for getting rid of jealousy in yourself and one from removing jealousy from another person. This is why this spell may appear in both the self love and the relationship spell sections on the site. I think its important to have a clear picture of the jealousy and an objective outlook on the true cause of the jealousy whether in you or another person. If you are using the spell to remove jealousy from a friend or lover then make sure you aren’t creating the jealousy with statement or actions that would make someone upset on purpose. If you are experiencing the feelings of jealousy or depression it is important to look at you life and small ways you can work toward having instead of wishing. Jealousy puts in attention on lack and takes the attention away from ACTION. Which gives birth to creation.

Get Rid of Jealousy from a Friend or Lover

GLEE: Quinn is upset when she sees her boyfriend Finn and Rachel chat in class. 2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Carin Baer/FOX
GLEE: Quinn is upset when she sees her boyfriend Finn and Rachel chat in class. 2009 Fox Broadcasting Co. CR: Carin Baer/FOX
This spell’s goal is to erase feelings of jealousy in another person. This spell is pretty simple and is aimed at repairing the something that was lost in the relationship. Jealousy can stem from a lot of things and it is important to do your part in repairing the relationship by being considerate and mindful of others.

Here is what you need for the spell:

red candle
black candle
green cloth
attraction oil
gold bowl
pure water.
Before starting you should charge the candles using the attraction oil and your intention.
Cast your circle and light your incense.
Lay the green cloth on the altar.
Place the gold bowl in the center of your altar.
Place the red candle to the left of the bowl and the black candle to the right of the bowl.
Take the water and pour it in the gold bowl.
As you light the red candle say:
“Red of light. Beautiful and Strong.”

As you light the black candle say:
“Light of Black. Brilliant and Sound. Let my work begin.”

Now with both candles lit, chant the following for 9 minutes:
“Light. Strong. Brilliant. Sound. Let this jealousy be removed.”

Take each candle and place a drop of the wax into the water.
On the night of the waning moon pour the water on the root of a tree of no leaves.”
Get Rid of Jealous Feelings in Yourself