A Spell to Stop an Argument

Spell to Stop an Argument

A spell to stop an argument between you and another or to change their feelings of aggravation……………….


1 glass plate – purple in color. (deep purple if possible)
1 picture of the person. (Polaroid is best but not necessary)

Place the picture face down on the plate for no more than 15 minutes at a time. If you don’t have a Polaroid, you need to have the negative of the picture handy, so you’ll know where it is.

The person will either call or come by with offers of apology  in no more than 24 hours. If they do not, do a treatment again for no more than 15 minutes. If by the 3rd treatment you still haven’t heard from them try to give them a call or go see them because their feelings will have changed.

This is a spell that is used to stop an argument between you and someone else. You can also use these spells to change the feeling of resentment and hatred of a person’s towards you. The spell will work with any person, whether you are connected to the person as a lover, a friend or any other figure in your life. The goal of the spell is to change the feelings of the person you are arguing and fighting with and to feel good about each other. ”

A ritual bath

You might as well want to take a bath that will cleanse all your thoughts and will ensure that no bad and pessimistic thoughts enter into your mind. A ritual bath makes you get free of the thoughts that should not occur in your mind.

Things that are needed

You will need a glass plate and if you can get an oval one that is purple in color it is much better. You need a purple candle and also a picture of the person that you have had a fight with and have been arguing with. The last thing that is required is the attraction oil.

Reason behind using the clear glass plate

The night of the full moon is the ideal time for casting this spell. The reason behind using the clear glass plate is that glass helps in reflecting back to the person itself. The second reason for using a purple plate is that the color helps in enhancing the vibrations of communication between both of you.

Getting started

You must think about what you intend to do while looking at the candle and place the candle on the altar by charging it with the attraction oil. Use a drop of attraction oil on the picture of the person you had a fight with and leave it turned upside down on the plate for maximum fifteen minutes. Keeping the picture for more than fifteen minutes might over influence the picture which you would not be very happy with. The picture that you are using should be a nice one where the person is happy and content. For better results you should use a picture of both of you together having a good time. Once the picture has been kept, the picture should be placed on the altar and you must leave the candle to burn down.


Once the spell has been cast you can expect that the person you had a fight with will soon try and communicate with you and it should occur within 24 hours. This whole process will try solving the problem that has been there between you both and if by any chance it does not work out you should repeat the entire working all over again. Though it might not be very easy to get back to normal after a huge fight but once you cast the spell it gets a little easier. Making an effort will definitely work your way.