Valentine’s day spell

Working And Free Valentine’s Day Love Spell

Today, I am offering a simple spell to attract love on Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is approaching. It is the day on which lovers swear eternal love, but not all are lucky to have someone fill them with care on that day. This powerful love spell has been designed to help you get a perfect valentine that day. It is a spell that you can use to drive away the loneliness and fill yourself with lots of love. This love spell should be ideally cast on the same Valentine Day, that is, on February 14, preferably after noon, in the afternoon. Like any ritual, it is essential to be alone, and in a quiet place, at a time when you know that nobody will bother you. It is convenient to be off the phone, so that nothing will bother you.

What You Need To Cast My Valentine’s Day Love Spell

1 Licorice root (also called sweet paludul or stick)
3 teaspoons of ground rosemary (you can find it in supermarkets in the spice section)
8 teaspoons of baby oil
9 tablespoons honey
1 Bottle with lid
Photograph of the person

How To Effectively Cast The Valentine’s Day Love Spell

Put the image of the person on the bottle. Next, put licorice in the jar. Sprinkle with rosemary. Pour baby oil and then honey. Put the lid on the jar and say the following incantation:

“My orders are your sweet song, You can only hear my voice. From this moment,
My words are your thoughts. With love and trust, this is my will. I cast this spell not to harm, but to bring you into my arms. So be it.”
Put the jar in a safe place where it can’t be found. When you have mastered the man or woman in question, throw the bottle away and say:

“This spell is complete. Be free.”

We assure you that most of the time it works, and that next year, your Valentine will be a different one. Do not forget to share if you find this helpful. However, if this simple spell to attract love fails to work for you; contact me so that I can cast a much stronger spell for you.